Optical Boutique

Optical Boutique

Glasses & Frames

Our optical boutique features the theme "Frames from Around the World." Our selection includes frames from Denmark (Lindberg), Italy (Gucci), France (Morel), Austria (Silhouette), Italy (Blackfin), and the United States (State). Other brands we carry include Nike, Kensi, Koali, Champion, TC Charton, and Scott Harris. TC Charton frames are designed specifically with Asian facial features in mind. We also offer specialty sunglasses such as Maui Jim, Spy and Rudy Project, which are often used for shooting, bicycling, and other activities and cam be customized.

Specialty Lenses

We offer specialty lenses such as customized progressive lenses, computer/office lenses, and eyestrain reducing lenses, perfect for your student who spends hours using digital screens. We also offer blue light blocking lenses and coatings.

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